Health For Life





Personalized and Reliable Health Tips Application


HealthForLife was an app that we made in a team of 4 in 3 months to expand the influence of a health preservation TV program of Beijing TV Station. In this project, I was mainly responsible for the project overall planning, user research and all the design part including user interface/interaction, branding and final pitch presentation. 



The audience of the TV show is right now mostly the elderly, which they didn't mean to target on purpose. After we did some researches to find out the reason for the situation, we realize that it is not because of the content, but the show itself, characterized by long duration, low tempo and large amounts of information. It is too time consuming and dull for the busy young people nowadays. According to our investigation and research, young people are also concerned about heath preservation, especially in this modern era where sub-health is plaguing the younger generation. However, they neither have enough time to learn about health preservation nor are there reliable channels available. We intend to fill this gap.




Since young people tend to fragment their time and be obsessed with mobile devices, we decided to build a mobile application that pushes health tips once per day in the form of images, short texts, animated gifs, talk show videos that we reproduced, etc., so as to convey health preservation knowledge more flexibly and effectively, and arouse young people’s attention to health preservation as well as the show. We also have the intention of reminding young people to become more health-conscious and not wait until it is too late. Hopefully this app, as a new media form, will make a difference to the society. 






The app will push health preservation information on a selected theme every day concerning health tips, diet, exercises, rumors, places to visit, music and so on, and update a talk show video once a week. Users will receive customized push information and notifications based on a physical fitness test upon registration.